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Dialing code +1-246

ISO 2 code BB

ISO 3 code BRB

Capital Bridgetown

Main Language English

Currency Dollar (BBD)

GDP $5.5 billion 153rd

Population 285,653 181st

Continent North America

Location Caribbean island in the North Atlantic Ocean northeast of Venezuela

Land 431 km2 202nd

Terrain Relatively flat; rises gently to central highland region

Climate Tropical; rainy season (June to October)

Natural Hazards Relatively flat; rises gently to central highland region

Note: Easternmost Caribbean island

Life Expectancy 73.94 years 85th

Median Age 35.8 years 54th

Birth Rate 12.55 births/1,000 population 151st

Death Rate 8.41 births/1,000 population 91st

Sex Ratio 0.63 male(s)/female 187th

Literacy 99.7% 12th

Roadways 1600 km 173rd

Railways None km

Airports 1 200th

Waterways None km

Heliports None

Airports with paved 1 98th

Currency Dollar (BBD)

GDP $5.5 billion 153rd

GDP per capita (PPP) $19300


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